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Mrs Poddle and Eric is my second published book. It is a story with three adventures for children from the age of five.  Lots of children of all ages and grown ups have read parts of it already and they all say how funny it is. There are parts to make you laugh, make you happy, you can guess what happens next and then talk about your guesses…were you right?

The story is about Mrs Poddle and her enormous dog and protector, Eric.  One day a rather surprising visitor comes into their garden. From then on chaos occurs as he disrupts their quiet life and gets Eric into all sorts of trouble. Eric has three exciting adventures and all the time he has to get back to Mrs Poddle and keep in her good books!

I hope you enjoy reading all about them.  You can let me know if you want to.  Just go to the ‘contact me’ page.  If you do I will write back to you…

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