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‘Aunty Marmalade’ is my first published children’s book. It is intended for readers from the age of around seven upwards.  The story is about a girl called Florence who goes to visit her eccentric godmother, Aunty Marmalade, in her cottage by the sea.  During her stay she finds a secret passageway up to the attic where she finds out some very surprising family secrets that involve her. Things she could never have imagined. Shortly after her discoveries she begins to have scary and unexplained experiences. Her belongings are moved around, she is rescued from the sea but who is her rescuer? And worse of all she has a feeling that she is being watched. Will Florence find the answers to all her newfound questions? Why did her mum keep all these secrets from her?

Some comments from readers so far…

‘I could not put it down.’

‘It is a lovely story.’

‘My granddaughter loved the book. Thank you for getting her interested in reading.’

‘It’s great. Bit scary too.’

‘I read the book with my daughter and we were really surprised by the ending. She’s going to read the book on her own now. First time she has read a book on her own for ages.’

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