Here are a few kind comments from some of the readers of my books. I hope you will enjoy them as much as they have done.

‘Aunty Marmalade is a really good read. My daughter could not put it down and it kept her guessing until the very end. She has been a reluctant reader up to now but the short chapters in the book and the wide spacing made it not so daunting for her to attempt. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is starting to read independently and is not yet ready for the pre-teen books.’

‘My nine year old daughter is dyslexic and we have had terrible problems finding a good book that was not too difficult and not too babyish.  Aunty Marmalade was recommended to us and it was a great success. We read the book together and every night we could not wait to find out what happened next. After we read it together she read it on her own and now is reading other books. I really think it may have got her on the road to reading’.

‘I thought Aunty Marmalade would not appeal to my son but it did. He really enjoyed the story and was totally surprised at the ending. He found parts quite scary but this only added to the suspense. The cliff hangers really caught his imagination and now he is waiting for the sequel to come out. I was delighted to see him enjoy a book at last’.

‘We read Mrs Poddle and Eric together and enjoyed every part. We were totally surprised when we discovered that  Mrs Poddle and Eric found a gorilla in their  garden.  We laughed out loud as the stories went along. The characters were really appealing and even though they are always getting into trouble there is a lovely caring theme running through too. There are three adventures stories in the book and Eric and the gorilla get up to all sorts. This delighted my little boy who thought it was all so funny. We loved the pictures and they gave us lots of things to talk about’.

‘My seven year old son wanted to have a go at reading Mrs Poddle and Eric so we sat together and tried. With some help along the way, he read the book with me and really enjoyed it. We read the three stories one after the other because he could not wait to hear what the animals got up to next. Now he is waiting for more Eric and the gorilla stories which must be a good sign’.

‘We were recommended Mrs Poddle and Eric by a friend. We read it together at bedtime and I was so pleased that the chapters were not too long! My daughter loved the humour in the story and we laughed at about poor Eric who has to try to keep the gorilla he finds in the garden out of trouble. We sometimes had to read more because we had to find out what the animals got up to next. There was lots to talk about and we tried to guess what would happen next. My daughter also found she could read some herself…she’s only six and she was delighted that she could. She read parts to her grandma and grandpa.  You can imagine how delighted they were’.