Spellings are important and remembering them is hard. I know what it is like…those long lists of words you have to learn for the test on Monday.

This might help you remember the ‘ing’ words.
Take ‘hop’ and ‘hope’. They are very similar. One has an ‘e’ at the end and it changes the meaning and the sound of the word completely. Because there is an ‘e’ on the end you say the name of the vowel before not the sound it makes.
So when you want to spell ‘hopping’ because it does not have an ‘e’ on the end you just add another ‘p’ and then add ‘ing’.
For the word ‘hope’ you take the ‘e’ off and add ‘ing’ and it becomes ‘hoping’. Easy. So all words that end in an ‘e’ just take the ‘e’ off and to stop the word falling over add the ‘ing’. If there’s no ‘e’ then do a double of the last letter (it’s called the double consonant) and add ‘ing’.

Also there, their and they’re and hard to remember so try this.

There is a ‘the’ with a rosy end.
Their is a ‘the’ with an irritable rat.
They’re is a ‘the’ with a yucky raspberry ending.

If you can think of better ideas for these let me know.

Hope these little tips help you.