I make visits to schools and read parts of my stories. I am happy to work with children from Reception onwards.  After the reading, I do art, creative writing or drama workshops. Whatever suits the group of children best. I liaise with the staff to ensure the workshop is just right. With the little ones it can be discussion and ideas followed by drawing or painting and sentence construction. With the older pupils it could be planning their own stories,  help with finding the plot, the characters and setting the scene.Then learning ways of making their stories come alive.  I will spend all day in a school or part of the day. Just contact me through this site and let me know your requirements.

Reading and Writing Workshops

Reading and Art Workshops

Here is Sophie’s picture of Mrs Poddle and Eric and the the starlit sky.

Here is Nadya’s picture of Eric showing his untidy fur.

This is Amy’s picture of Mrs Poddle and her lovely apron and furry slippers.

This is Amy’s drawing of Eric with his big bushy tail and great big nose.

Eric has one ear that sticks up and one ear that flops down by Sophie.

Eric is with Mrs Poddle in the Garden under the Starlit Sky by Megan

This is Emma’s picture of Eric with his very untidy fur.