When we hear the word ‘comprehension’ we usually groan. They are boring and they takes ages and there is loads to write. Here are some tips I use when I teach how to do them.  It makes them easier and they look colourful and more interesting.

Start by looking at the title and any help they give you at the beginning. Sometimes they give you help and if you don’t read it you won’t know will you…so don’t miss out.

Scan the piece from beginning to end.  This will point you to words that interest you. It should only take a few seconds. It will give you some clues about it.

Then read it through once slowly. Try to understand what it is saying and when you finished ask yourself, ‘what is it about?’

Read all the questions through carefully.  Can you answer any of them straight away? Then read it all again. You will find the second read will tell you much more than the first read.

Then read the the first question again and use a highlighter to colour the number. Then use the same colour to highlight the key words or the phrase for that answer. It is important to highlight the LEAST words you can so you don’t get confused. Keep going with different coloured highlighters until you have the whole piece finished and all the answers and the numbers  highlighted.  Now the piece will look ordered and colourful and all the hard work is done. Now all you have to do is write the answers down by following the colours.

Write your answer for number one. You must use the question to help you write the answer and never begin with the word ‘because’.

For example…Why did the cat go up the tree?

You would answer…’The cat went up the tree because the dog was chasing it.’…That shows your teacher that you have understood what you have read.

Then do number 2. Look at the colour of the number and find the same colour in the piece. Easy, peasy. The highlighting is helping you to find the answers . You just have to follow the colours.

I hope this helps.

Let me know.