I have finished a sequel to Aunty Marmalade called, ‘In Too Deep’.  I wrote it because everyone wanted to know what happened to Florence.  It is an adventure story and will be out sometime next year. 
I have just finished  a book about a boy called Joe. It’s called The Turkey Shed Gang. The idea started when I had to write a piece for a creative writing course I did some time ago. I had to become a boy and go back to being a child again. I wrote just 1,000 words and I liked the boy I became (and his granny who is also in the story) so I decided to write a whole story about them. If you read it you will go on a journey and join in the fun with Joe and his Granny Sal. I added an animal too because I love animals…this time I introduced a rather rude parrot and he joins in the fun! It is funny story about how we get the wrong end of the stick sometimes…you know think something has happened when it hasn’t. I have also been writing a story about a boy called Archie. I have not got a title yet. Of course the story is funny because I find it hard to be serious. I have only just finished the first draft so I am now starting the rewrite. It is lots of fun when you do this because you see all the mistakes and the challenge is improving the story. I have  to get the characters to come ‘alive’ so when you read it you know exactly what they look like and what their personalities are like too.
I now have 2 projects that I am working on. This may seem a lot but it is good to keep writing. Also you have to write and then leave stories alone for at least a month before you look at them again. It gives you time to read them again with fresh thoughts…this helps you make the story better.
I will keep you up to date with all that is happening with my writing…by the way I have a new writing room…one that Biggles can come and sit with me. I have a comfy chair, desk and a sofa and all my teddies and books around me. It really is good to have a lovely place to write…I call it ‘my nest!’