My new book is all about starting school. I have been a teacher for over 30 years and in that time I have taught Reception class many times. I am a teaching of reading specialist and I also have a background in teaching children and young adults with specific learning difficulties. In all my years as an educator, I have built up an enormous amount of experience in dealing with day to day matters that crop up in class, dealt with parent and children concerns, questions and reasons why things go right and wrong,helped parents sort out little problems and worries. Over the years I have given talks to parents about their child starting school and how their children learn and actually what they learn in their first year at school. At the end of these talks many, many parents asked me to write down all my notes so they could refer to them at a later date. There was just too much information to absorb. That is why I have written the book. Many parents want to know about what to expect when their child starts school. How will their child cope because they have to go to work. How many after school activities should they do. What happens when their best friend doesn’t like them any more. In the book I try to explain these anxieties that parents and children may have and give ideas of how to resolve them. The one thing parents and teachers want is a happy, thriving child who is learning well at school. How to be a Brilliant Reception Class Parent helps with the move from home or nursery to ‘big school’. The book gives plenty of practical help and guidance how to make the transition to school easy for parents and their children. It explains all about what happens in Reception…what they will learn in their first year at school. There are ideas and tips to help prepare the child to start school and ideas for giving them a head start with their learning. How to get them ready emotionally too.There is help with children making friends, school lunches, school uniform, coping at home with tiredness, expectations of parents and their child and much more. The book also details a step-by-step guide how to help your child at home with reading, writing, spelling, maths and finding out about the world. It is full of easy to follow help to support your child in the right way. The book is full of tips and ideas for games to make and play to make learning fun.

I have already been told that the book gives a real insight into what happens in Reception class. The practical help taken from a child’s point of view is really useful and takes the worry away from all the information out there that you have to encounter when your child is starting school. The step-by-step reading, writing, spelling and maths guides are invaluable tools to help and support children at home in the right way without confusing them. Just having the right information as to how to help in the right way has made all the difference.

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If you need any answers to questions at the present time about your child starting school or aspects of teaching and learning in Reception, please get in touch with me and I will see if I can help you. If you are worried about dyslexia I am writing a book for parents on that subject in the near future and if you have any concerns in the meantime contact me for help.