Dear Parent

From time to time the school is sent details of books that publishers feel will be of interest to parents and their children.

Obviously the school doesn’t endorse any particular book that is for sale. However we have recently received information about two books that can be used at home and which I think might be of interest to you.

These books can be used as story books to read to your child and can be used to help with the development of reading in older children.

One book available is Aunty Marmalade, intended to be read by children from seven upwards, although it can be read to children from about four years old. The other is Mrs Poddle and Eric which can be read to children from age four to eight.

You can read more about the books at at her web site and you can place an order for a copy of either or both books on that site.

I must stress that if you do decide to purchase the books this will be a normal transaction between yourself and the publisher, not with the school – we do not earn any money from these sales.

However I would add that the author (who is herself a teacher) has kindly agreed to supply copies of the books in question (Aunty Marmalade for older children, and Mrs Poddle and Eric for younger members of the school) so we will also have copies of the books here for use in the classroom.

Yours sincerely